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What is this whole thing about?


Beyond The Edge Of Owlsgard is an old-school point & click adventure game that is reminiscent of the animated movies and Saturday morning cartoons of decades gone by. While it is obviously inspired by the LucasArts and Sierra classics, it also strives to create its own style and identity by returning to the original “adventure” aspect of the genre. Aside from solving the obligatory inventory-based puzzles, this means a heavy focus on exploring mysterious lands, uncovering secrets and dealing with all kinds of dangers.


Who is the developer?


The game is being developed by german developer WatchDaToast, who is doing all the scripting, graphics and music by himself on his notebook, in a seemingly never-ending, coffee-fueled frenzy.

On what engine is it being developed?

The game is being developed in Adventure Game Studio.


Is the developer insane for doing all of this alone?



Will it support different languages?


At this point, the game is supposed to be released in german and english. Depending on how well the game performs after release, more languages might be available.

Which systems will be supported?


Windows and Linux, at the moment. There are plans to port it to multiple systems, but at this point of development, not more information can be given about this.


Will there be voice acting?


Short answer: Yes!


During the first few test phases, the game caught the attention of adventure game enthusiast Markus “mudge” Mager, who also partakes in public book readings at "Picture Book Cinema." He ended up contacting the game creator and ideas about organizing a fully voiced German version emerged.

In Hannover, at the HÖRMICH 2019 radio play fair, Markus was able to gain the interest of multiple incredibly talented voice artists and other audiobook narrators. Shortly after, the world of Owlsgard was enriched by many memorable voices who gave their absolute best.

Two years later, the idea for an English version of the game came about and a casting call led by Patrick Mealey and Rebecca Chiara Marano was announced. By the end of the audition period, the game had gained the interest of 605 excited voice actors.

To help pay all these loveable and hard-working people who bring this project to life, a Kickstarter campaign is planned for March 2022.



How did this whole thing come to be?


Sometime in August of 2017, solo developer WatchDaToast made the very first mouse click of his new project. The game was supposed to feel as retro as possible – featuring only 16 colours, midi music, and just a handful of sound effects.


After working on this project for a year, WatchDaToast released the first version for alpha-testing to a few select forums. Overwhelmed by the positive feedback, the creator scrapped his old plans for a minimalistic game and proceeded on making the world of Owlsgard as memorable and vivid as he could. This included tons of individual animations and sound effects to bring life to every nook and cranny.

A few years (and obligatory burnouts) later, after a lot of pixeling, scripting, composing, testing, and building towers out of empty coffee cups around the workspace, the project was almost finished – and with a fresh new ambitious look!


Since then, the game is being polished and refined, and currently plans for the english voice acting are being put into action.


A release date for the full game is estimated for 2022.




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